Hello World! We are TeaCode and we would love to welcome you to our site.

If you are running a software-related business, you are the CTO/CEO at your company or you are planning to launch a new start-up, our articles will cover topics of interest to you. Our main goal is to help our readers better understand the relations between the world of technology and the world of business. We will also try to help you solve any software-related problems you have or be of advice when it comes to making any difficult choices.
How to make the right decisions taking both perspectives into consideration? We hope that thanks to our articles you will be able to find the answer to this question.

Who are we?

TeaCode is a software company founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland
and currently, it is being led by Mike and Jacob. In the course of the last few years, they have managed to herd an outstanding team of JavaScript full-stack engineers.

The whole secret of our success lies in the fact that even though we highly specialize in two of the programming languages (JavaScript and TypeScript) our company is still very versatile and able to build many different kinds of products in the IT industry, such as:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Backend applications
  • Desktop applications
  • PWA applications
  • Internet of things (IoT)
  • A.I. and Machine learning

Some of the open-source technologies that we have experience in are: Node.js, React, React Native, Feathers.js, Electron, Express.js, Docker, Kubernetes, MongoDB, AWS and Redis. Even though there are many more that we could list, we do not want you to read through a boring record of things that may not even make sense to you.

For over 5 years we have been madly active in the software outsourcing and programming industry and we have completed over 37 projects so far.
Most of them we could classify as long-term cooperations as we also offer an ongoing support and maintenance of the sites or apps we develop.

Should you desire to find out more about what type of cooperation we offer, read through some of our reviews and feedback or short project summaries just follow this link to our profile on Clutch. Additionally, you will be able to find there some more information about our company and its scope of work.

More of our customers’ opinions you can find at TeaCode.io Client Reviews.‌‌

All these apps and web designs we have worked on so far have been both challenging and fun for us, however, many of them made us face some issues that we had to think through as a team. We look at each problem not only as a challenge but also as an opportunity to evolve and deepen our industry knowledge. Thanks to having asked so many questions ourselves we will be able to easily answer yours :)

What are we going to write about?

There are always millions of questions while building your own start-up or wanting to hire the best software outsourcing company to help you with it. There are also tons of problems connected to which technology to use and how advanced it should be. But fear not, there are also dozens of ways in which you can make up your mind and plenty of websites or blogs, the teams of which will happily provide you with answers.

TeaCode.io posts will be usually connected to our field of work. We will create for you quality content about web and mobile app development in both JavaScript and TypeScript and describe all the technologies mentioned above in a comprehensive yet easily understandable way. We are also going to share with you some great start-up tips, current tech plus software industry news and recent or upcoming programming events. Moreover, we will provide you with answers to any important questions you may have, for example, how to build your own website, when is it high time to hire a software company to help you with it and why to choose TeaCode :)

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